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Looking to amp up the crowd at a football game? Some fun football cheerscanrally fans as they rootfor their team.Of course, anything can happen on game day, so you'll want to have plenty of football cheers and chants ready when the team is on the offenseversus working to defend their lead.

Below we've listed some catchy and easy-to-remember cheers and chants. A few are funny,others are uplifting, and some will get the crowd whipped into such a frenzy it shakes the whole stadium.

Football Chants for Offense

When your team has possession of the ball, it's a great idea to throw in a few football chantsto motivate the players as they try to rack up points. The crowd might already be standing up or shouting some cheersof their own if there are signs of a potential touchdown. As a cheerleader, you can lead the crowd by throwing in a chant or two that everyone can learn.

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Ten Yards

Ten yards, ten more yards,
For our team, it's not hard!
Give me a T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N!
Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!


Beat those Rockets!
Beat those Rockets and fight
Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!

Quick Tip

The goal with this chant is to get the crowd shouting "touchdown." You may want to assign a couple of cheerleaders to hold signs with the words and encourage the crowd to shout with you.

End Zone

The end zone is what we're looking for!
So come on Vikings!
Take that ball and score!

Defense Chants for Football

Though the other team has the ball, there's still an opportunity to throw in some football chants. These supportive defense chants can rally the crowd into cheering when the defense stops the other team from scoring a touchdown or when they steal the ball away.

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Block That Score

Block that score!
Block that score!
Zero yards,
Zero yards,
Not one more!

Take that Ball

Take that ball, take that ball, take that ball away
And score!

Control, Control

Control, Control
What is the key
To a Viking victory?!
Control, Control!
Get that ball!

General Sideline Chants

Not every play is going to end in a touchdown. There may be some times when the game might feel like it's dragging along. As a cheerer, it's your job to maintain the same level of enthusiasm and prevent fans from getting bored. These chants for football are guaranteed to rock the house down.

Big and Little

Big G and a little O!
Go Vikings go!

Spirit Up

Keep it up!
Come on!
Keep that Viking
Spirit up!

You Do It!

Hey, you Viking team!
Let's move it and get to it!
Come on Vikes!
You do it!

Football Cheers for Offense

If it's the middle of the game, try switching up your football cheerswhen your team is back on the offense.


Falcons score!
Let's score six (pause)
Score six! (pause)
Falcon team!
Score six more!
We want a first down!
We want a first down!
Come on Falcons!
Gain some ground!
Falcons score!
Let's score six (clap)
Score six!

First and Ten

It's first and ten!
Do it
Hut, hut

You're ready and set
Take that ball over the line,
You bet!
First and ten
First and ten
Do it again!


Bulldogs offense (clap)!
Let's get to it!
Get to it
And we will,
Break, break, break
Break through it!

Run that ball (stomp)
Catch that throw (clap)
Let's get to it!
Get to it
And we will,
Break, break, break
Break through it!

Cheers for Football Defense

You can provide some much-needed support to your defending football team with some encouraging football cheers.

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Get in the Groove

Hey crowd!
Get excited!
Cheer for the green and gold!

Tomcat defense on the move,
Get the ball
Get in the groove!

Hey, fans!
Let's shout!
Scream green and gold!
Get in the groove!

Tighten Up

Hey Bulldogs!
Tighten up that line
Block that quarterback,
Hold tight!



Rockets defense push 'em back,
Way back
And sack that quarterback!

Rockets defense
Attack, attack
And get our ball back!

Six More

Let's take that ball away!
I said, take that ball
Take that ball
Take that ball away,
And score (clap, clap)
Six more!

That ball is ours
Throw it to Mars
Take that ball
Take that ball away,
And score (clap, clap)
Six more!

General Sideline Cheers

A football game can get intense fast. When the crowd is getting animatedover a play, you'll want to add some cheers to maintain the momentum. Some of the football cheers can make the crowd lively when it involves theirparticipation.

Pigskin Shuffle

Grab that pigskin,
Drive it home,
Run that pigskin
To the zone!
Oink. Touchdown!
Oink. Score!

Show Your Spirit

Come on Vikings
Show your spirit
Viking crowd,
Let's hear it!

Come on Vikings
We're in it to win it
Viking crowd,
Show your spirit!

Gonna Get Whooped

Our team cannot be beat!
We won't accept defeat!
Give the football up!
You're gonna get whooped!
You're gonna get whooped!

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Cheer Your Way to Victory

If you liked these cheers and chants, feel free to use them and swap them with your school's name and mascot. Football cheers canlift the school spirit of loyal fans but remember that they also help the players too.The encouraging words can give players the extra edge to push them into giving it their all even when they feel completely exhaustedorwhen the chips are stacked against them.

State of mind is everything in sports, and football cheers can help maintain that winning mentality. And ifyour team ends up winning the game, the chants will havefans feeling like they've helped in the team's success.

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Football Cheers & Chants to Get Fans Pumped for the Game | LoveToKnow (2024)
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