Jeep 4.0 Intake Manifold Upgrade - BOOST YOUR ENGINE (2023)

If you’re looking for the best way to get a new Jeep 4.0 header, keep reading because I’ll tell you everything you need to know about them.

Your vehicle’s original exhaust manifold will wear out after some years of operation, causing it to malfunction.

It can also cause leaks and fractures, as well as reduce the engine’s performance, if left alone.

This is why it’s so crucial to replace your header as soon as possible.

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What Do Intake Manifolds Do?

The intake manifold is one of the most fascinating components of the internal combustion engine. The intake manifold, which ensures an even distribution of air/fuel mixture to each cylinder, also serves as a mounting for carburetors (on older engines) and fuel injectors (on modern engines). Let’s talk about what a performance intake manifold can do for your daily commute instead of focusing on what intakes do or how they work.

An aftermarket intake manifold is one of the most popular performance upgrades available. And for good reason; the more air and fuel you supply your engine, the more power it will produce. Single or dual plenum designs allow your engine to breathe more freely than a stock manifold. Aftermarket intake manifolds allow you to replace old, leaky, and restrictive OEM carbs for performance 4-barrels with square bore or spread bore flanges, or even six-pack setups on carbureted vehicles.

You’ll save even more money by installing a cast iron intake over a performance intake manifold because most performance intake manifolds are composed of cast aluminum. This is an enormous benefit for big block Ford owners who can switch out their 80-pound OEM iron manifold for a 10-pound aluminum upgrade. And after you’ve installed a performance intake manifold, you may also add the aforementioned CAI, as well as a throttle body spacer, to unleash even more power.

The market, like cold air intakes, is filled with a variety of big companies competing for your money. But, much like the CAI has K&N and Volant cold air intakes, manifolds have their own juggernauts as well. And, just as you should with the CAI’s K&N and Volant cold air intake system, you’ll be better off investing in Edelbrock, CFM+, BBK, Banks & aFe.

CCIYU Stainless Steel Manifold Exhaust Kit

For the best performance of your Jeep, the CCIYU manifold exhaust kit delivers excellent airflow and greater power. This item is made of stainless steel to ensure that you won't have to worry about leaks due to poor exhaust velocity. CCIYU is a fantastic alternative for when you need a manifold that requires no modification or replacement of other parts of your jeep. It comes with bolts to assist you in mounting the exhaust and is designed to last a long time. There's no need to struggle with your vehicle's factory-installed bolts. Are you looking for a exhaust header that will fit your Jeep like a glove? You will love this product. The fact that you won't have to waste energy sucking air out of your jeep is the best part. We adore how this manifold exhaust kit includes not just the gasket, but also the manifold and all the way to the engine head. You'll have little trouble reconnecting the exhaust pipe after finishing. This exhaust system's flange is exactly as thick as the stock intake manifold's flange. No, it isn't as thin as many other aftermarket or replacement headers. The CCIYU manifold exhaust kit is designed so that the valve can allow a percentage of the exhaust gases through. As a result, it allows for a proper balance of gases while still keeping an acceptable combustion limit. It's also wonderful to know that you can install it without having to pay for engine advice from a mechanic.

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Fel-Pro MS94790 Intake & Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set

The exhaust manifold gasket keeps the exhaust manifold(s) and cylinder head(s) connected. The exhaust manifold gasket ensures that potentially deadly exhaust fumes do not escape before they enter the catalytic converter. If the exhaust manifold gasket fails, it might reduce vehicle performance and drivability as well as allow dangerous gases to seep into the passenger compartment. Exhaust leakages can also impact emissions by distorting oxygen sensor readings.

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Banks 51327 Torque Tube System

Another excellent option for replacing your vehicle's original header and muffler pipe is the Banks Torque tube exhaust. This kit includes the main items you'll need, such as bolts, gaskets, injector rings, and doughnuts. The sound of your vehicle will undoubtedly improve. When your Jeep is at rest, this system produces a very distinctive and peaceful sound. It does not make a loud noise when in motion, regardless of the RPMs. All of the components are in place, making installation a breeze. There is no need to make any modifications when putting this system on top of the OE header. The flanges of this tube system are the same thickness as the intake flange on a jeep's original manifold. This is an excellent solution for any vehicle that has been experiencing power loss due to exhaust cracks. This tube system, built with exquisite craftsmanship, revives the life of a worn-out vehicle. It also features a high-performance wet traction system, with polymer bushings and rock sliders. It's also built with high-quality 409 stainless steel, which is nicely welded and manufactured.

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Omix-ADA 17622.12 for 91-99 Jeep TJ/XJ/ZJ 4.0L

Another useful header replacement for your Jeep is the Omix-ADA Manifold Exhaust Kit 17622.12. This product protects your engine from the detrimental effects of heat by replacing worn and damaged components. To restore your car's former glory, it comes with high-quality gaskets and exhaust manifold. It is compatible with 4.0L engines. Do you hear your jeep's exhaust leaking? Perhaps you smell exhaust in your vehicle? If you hear this long, high-pitched squeal or a raspy discharge noise from your engine, it's an indication that your exhaust manifold has fractured and needs to be replaced. The header gaskets, manifold, and pipe bolts are all included on the Omix-ADA. What we appreciate about this product is that it meets and exceeds OEM standards, which is something we love to see. You will be relieved to hear that it exceeds the OEM quality level's standards. It also comes with an original-style exhaust manifold that is identical to the one on your vehicle. It will fit perfectly in a Jeep Cherokee CJ manufactured between 1991 and 1999, or a Wrangler TJ produced between 1997 and 1999. It also applies to Grand Cherokee ZJ 1993 to 1998 models. You won't have to buy additional tools because this kit includes gaskets and fasteners for simple installation. It's constructed of high-quality materials and makes an excellent alternative for your manifold exhaust replacement. It is made of a high-tensile-strength steel. It has expansion joints that allow it to fit all the specified vehicles. The construction is robust and clean, and it's composed of steel. This item will last you a long time if you coat it with some metallic paint, and you won't have to worry about rust.

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Benefits of Uograding My Jeep 4.0 Intake Manifold

Better Performance

The air intake is your car’s lungs, taking in air and distributing it to the engine’s intake manifold. Upgrading the intake will improve the flow of air into and through your vehicle, allowing it to breathe more easily. You’ll notice an improvement in horsepower, torque, and acceleration as well as improved fuel efficiency. The numbers will vary based on your engine type; however, you can expect gains of five to 15 horsepower.

Amplified Sound

It’s critical to modify the intake to make it quieter while increasing exhaust noise. The louder your truck’s engine roar, the better. With modifications like a muffler and larger exhaust pipes, you may even improve the tone.

Reusable, Money-Saving Filters

Air intakes from aftermarket manufacturers usually include washable, reusable air filters. They’re usually made of cotton and are meant to offer maximum filtration while also capturing all sorts of debris before it enters your engine. Their recyclability is ecologically beneficial as well as cost-effective, so you won’t have to buy new ones. Cleaning these filters is easy; see our how-to for more information. Most come with a lifetime or million-mile warranty, so they’ll last longer than dry filters that need to be replaced every few months.

Signs You Should Replace Your Intake Manifold Gaskets

Intake manifold gaskets are crucial to the efficiency of your engine and, as a result, the operation of your car. If you have leaky intake manifold gaskets in your vehicle, it can be harmful to you and your passengers. As a result, look for these warning signals indicating that your intake manifold gaskets need to be changed.

But first, it’s important to understand what an intake manifold gasket is. Gaskets are used as seals between various engine components and are made of rubber, paper, or metal. Intake manifold gaskets serve as crucial elements of your engine since they sit between the intake manifold and the cylinder heads.

Issues with engine performance

Intake manifold gaskets can wear down as your car ages. They might leak and cause the engine’s air-fuel ratio to be out of balance. As a result, the engine may develop issues including stalling, misfires, decreased fuel efficiency, and reduced acceleration and power.

Leaking coolant

Intake manifold gaskets are occasionally used to seal the engine’s coolant. As the engine ages, its gasket wears down, allowing coolant to leak. Drip marks of coolant under your car, steam, and a sense of coolant leaking are some signs that it’s time for a new intake manifold gasket.

Overheating engine

After a period of time, coolant leaking can cause the engine to overheat. Even if there are no visible signs of a coolant leak, the engine may overheat on occasion. This is why leaks in the cooling system are so hazardous and must be addressed as quickly as feasible.

If any of the aforementioned symptoms are apparent on your car, it is strongly suggested that you have it serviced by a dealership. A skilled technician should be able to tell whether or not a faulty intake manifold gasket needs to be replaced.

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